Oscar Kennedy Interview

 OK/ So RAS.... who are you?
RAS./  I am nothing.
 OK/ You are not anything -or- you are nothing?
RAS./  I am nothing.
 OK/ Then there is noone to interview.
RAS./  Yes.
 OK/ Ok. Thank you.
RAS./  Yes. Thank you.


I like haiku. I don't know if I do it right. 7-5-7. Three stanzas. Each complete sentences. Preferrably unrelated. Cohesive as a single unit.

A lot of American Haiku does not utilize three distinct and seperate full sentences. For some reason, I do, and sometimes take it a tad further. With Running Haiku, the stanzas, though unrelated, connect or bleed into each other linguistically (Amer. English) and can be read without pause.


I often create backgrounds before painting.  The ones done for the Bonsai can stand by themselves and make for fantastic and inexpensive spashes of textural color.



An offshoot of 2010's JPOP series, Cupcakes bring a welcoming, industrial elegance to entertaining and centrally focused kitchens and spaces wanting to establish a lighthearted, bold femininity. These urban delights do not sit back and sulk; they're peppy gems with a feel good spunk and punchy attitude.

**Decor Professionals > Completion time 7-10 days / Can match any palette / Gentle, Whimsical, Modern, Fresh, Delicious



Large Bonsai are a natural progression of the sucessful 24 in. series. At 36 sq. in. they can easily command a room, and the larger scale allows for heightened exploration and increased detail. The blue striped 'Durban Tree' [below] begins to move from cultural asian to african energies. The young series maintains the simple elegance of it's predecessors, and yes, the bases are generally still made of candy and cigarette foils.

**Decor Professionals > Completion time 10-15 days / Can match any palette / Best used to introduce sophisticated or classic energy into contemporary and modern settings.



Bonsai were created in January 2010 as an evolutionary offshoot of the JPOP series. A brazen interpretation on an ancient, cultural icon, RAS. Bonai maintain the same energy of it's mentor, delivering the same simplistic wisdom from a contemporary perspective. They hold their own presence, and at 24x24", are large enough to significantly influence the room. Approx. 25 small Bonsai were created in 2010 and are now available via commission and 36x36".

**Decor Professionals > Completion time 7-10 days / Match any palette / Best used to introduce airy sophistication into contemporary and modern settings.



Late 2009. I just fell to my knees on my studio stairs and some things burned away from me. I don't know what things, but it was alot, and it had to do with "Immaculate Heart." Something freed from me. I planned on doing all kinds, hundreds... but only made it to four.