RETRO FIND // lovers

I sculpted 18 works in 1998 while my wife was pregnant and have not sculpted again. Two were bronzed and the rest of the clays were destroyed in a move.  A few were photographed.  

RETRO FIND // mayan calendar

Work for Sahara Devi's New Mayan Calendar, 1997.


RETRO FIND // first bronze

In 1997 I got a block of clay for Christmas, and made my first sculpture that night.   It was later bronzed during an apprenticeship with master sculptor Ed Breathitt.  In a planned series of 33, only one copy was ever made and this is the first photo of it.

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Experimental Series.  I had intended to do the whole Board.  I like to play with the fans and collectors on social media, and I thought it was a fantastic way to start collecting Art inexpensively...  but the interest just wasn't there.  Inwas surprised actually.  These sketchy, quick hit 24x32"works were priced at the value on the actual game piece.


L O G O M O R P H + white

Twenty years painting, a dozen in design, and these are some of the most potent asthetics I've ever seen.  Raw power.  Pure Americana.

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