Artist FAQs

'You're a Painter? So what do you?'
This is by far the most asked question. Here, I have photos. When I don't have photos at my disposal, it goes something like this... "I'm an impressionist by nature, but was a professional designer as well... so that world seeps in and distorts the impression, as does my love for modern architecture, interface, pattern, typography, silence, healing and the dazzling combination of salt and chocolate. You mix all that together and you get big ole mess."

'Where are you From?'
I was born in Washington DC and grew up in Maryland. I schooled in Baltimore, partied in Boulder, found myself in Sedona, Awakened in Self,  and am currently living in Joy with my wife and son on the outskirts of DC.

'Oil or Acrylic?'
Acrylic. I have no patience for oils and eventually you learn to make acrylic do the same thing -- if you want to.  I use everything at my disposal... chalk, dirt, saliva.  If a hair falls on my painting, I don't brush it off.

'Are you formally trained?'
Yes. Formally trained as a graphic designer and formally apprenticed as a sculptor. I tried teaching myself to paint, but could only teach myself what I already knew.   I wanted to learn what I didn't already know... so I do eveything I don't know how to do.

'What school did you go to?'
UMBC. University of Maryland, Baltimore.
B.A. Graphic Design Program from 1988-1992.

'When did you start painting?'
1992. Boulder, Colorado.

'How did you start painting?'
One day, out of the blue I walked into an art store on University Blvd. in Boulder, CO... bought some paints and some Arches Paper, went straight home and painted my first painting. I didn't paint another.

When I moved away I accidently left it on the wall, and a year later I got a package in the mail from my friend Big Seth. It was my painting and a note -- "ras...I went to a Christmas party at our old place and your painting was still on the wall, so I grabbed it and ran! Here it is."

It was inspiring, and the next day I put up a canvas and started painting my second painting.  A few days later, a friend came to visit, saw the painting and bought it. Then he put me up at the beach for the summer with canvas and paint, and I painted my next 15 paintings or so. It was so magical I just never stopped.

'How do I get a painting?'
Contact my wife Jen.

'Why do you paint in so many styles?'
Experience.  Challenge.  Boredom.  Curiosity.  Love of diversity.  Adversity to staleness.  The joy of experiencing newness.  Most art professionals assume that I am a young artist still looking for myself.  They are wrong.  I'm old and I know exactly who I am.

'Why do you always paint 2 of something?'
I started mostly as a technique to keep the mind quiet.  The mind likes chaos and loves to pit one thing against another.  Coke or Pepsi?  Dark or light?  Big or small?  It's always...should I do this or that?  The mind offers no peace.  I put up two canvases so when the mind tries to forge a battle -- should I paint a yellow tree or red tree? -- I just do both.

'When did you Awaken and what was it like?"
August 2010 my mind went silent and I was suddenly free somehow.  I called it 'being unbound from the ego'.  I was awake.  Full of uncaused Joy that didn't go away.  After about 5 weeks of unfolding, I came to Know and Be the Self as One, and to See from this Oneness.   Singularly, I came to Know, and Be, this... There is only one Being and I Am it.  There is only one Being and you are it.   

'Can I have this awakening and how do I get it."
Yes, of course.  There is only One Being and you are it.   Just stop denying it.