Blood Flowers / 5x7" Series

An experimental member of the JPOP family, there are 12 original and numbered works, available individually or as a set.  Perfect gift set for bridal or wedding party.  Each has the same flowers in different arrangement are intended to bind in Love.   Standard size for easy framing.  5x7" / acryic, ink and candy foil on panel.



Seven feet tall. Four boot panels were made for the 2010 Modus Union Spring Salon in Washington DC. One sold. Two are in the Saks Fifth Avenue Tysons Corner, Virginia. One is in my house. All of them are bad ass. I want to marry them.

**Decor Professionals > Completion time approx 20 days / Match any palette / Youthful, Mod, Irreverent, Sassy, Power  /  Not for amateurs

BONSAI { Cherry Trees on Jefferson, Washington DC }

Created for the Arbor Day Foundation's charitible effort to repair the famous DC Cherry trees,  these hand crafted versions of the Original Bonsai Series capture the beauty and elegance of Washington DC's most awaited springtime affair.  Only 3 were made.

**Decor Professionals > Completion time 14-20 days / Customized palette / Sexy,  Light,  Powerful, Original,  Crisp

JPOP { B & W }

Black and white JPOP are sexy.  That is all.
With Agnes, generally, each color is seperated by grey.
Roberta is pure black and white.
Cassandra is 4 colors and cells go from light to dark or dark to light.

**Decor Professionals > Completion time approx 14-20 days /  Pure, New Power, Captivating, Bold, Secure


JPOP { Horizontal }

With the same surface area as the original { 4 sq. ft.}, the horizontal JPOP offer an elegant, elongated and arguably more feminine take on the iconic classic.  There is no better way to spruce up the energy of  tired room.

**Decor Professionals > Completion time approx 14 days / Match any palette / Fun, Vibrant, Strong, Joyful, Playfully Elegant



These 'cells' or drops of pure color were born in 2010 and dominated most of Rodger's work for that year.  They were named by Mr. Pollock himself in a dream, and whimsically presume how his work would have manifested if they had Prozac in his time.  They are certainly magical, and people see in them what they need to see.  Rodger says he witnesses them as instruments; musical notes and harmonic frequencies which the eye plays differently every time they are seen. If the viewer can play, or see them in the proper patterns, secrets unlock and great healing occurs.

Birth of JPOP  / 80x30"  /  mixed on wood
The signature series of 2010, JPOP were the predominant theme of most of the work done over the course of the year.  They are magical and fresh.  A whimsical interpretation of the iconic mind, crafted with the integrity and care of a new generation reverently looking back. 

Known as "JPOP" (jay-pop) on the streets, they are highly coveted in the polo-hippy crowd and already rumored to be held with discretion in the collection of several Royals and Nobels. WineMoney. They're not easily entertained, and impressed only by excellence.

**Decor Professionals > Completion time approx 14 days / Match any palette / Best in the World,  Coveted, Magical, Healing, Sweet Sweetness