the entire universe is in my heart space.
my eyes only show me what's in my heart space. 
what i hold in my heart space, i see in the world. 
i am literally looking aroundand seeing what is held in my heart.
i am in my heart right now.


When you relinquish a thought,
I will take a step closer 

to fill the space surrendered. 

Relinquish all thought 
and I will cover the entire distance. 

I will walk into you 
so as your feet hit the earth, 
the pressure will no longer be yours to bear.


To remove darkness, turn on light.  
To turn on light, see no darkness.


Fish can have thought about Eagle.
Fish can speak about his thought.
Fish can not speak about Eagle.


If you are in the pool
And want to experience dryness,
You must exit the pool.

If you are in the mind
And want to experience peace,
You must exit the mind.


Dear God,
Reveal your Self to me in Full,
Or kill me this instant.


Hear this. The entirety of your experience is mental. You think you are interacting with objects?  You are projecting thoughts onto neutral objects, then interacting with your own thoughts.


This is a complete sentence:



The first thing from nothing must be I.


One thing existed before the possiblity for word.
It can have no name.
 One thing existed before the possiblity for thought.
It can not be thought of.
 One thing existed before the Mind.
It does not mind.
 One thing is before all.
It is I.


Every single thought you think is produced by the Mind.

If you try to stop thinking, the Mind will produce the thoughts
"I'm going to be non-functional."
"I'm going to disappear."
"I'm going to die!"

The truth of it is, if you stop thinking,
You will function effortlessly.
You will be everywhere.
You will Live.


Be honest with your self.
There are no boulders, villians or fallen trees.
The only objects possible on the path to Heaven are your own thoughts.


The truest Love lets everything go.
It's that simple.
The greatest Joy in the universe is yours today
If you can do nothing to everything.


I refuse to entertain another thought until I Am free.


I asked God to tell me his name
He told me,

I asked I where I was.
I told me,

 I asked I where Now is.
 I told me,

 I asked I where Here is.
 I told me,
 All ways.

I aksed I where I am.
I told me,
Now here all ways

I asked I who I am.
I told me,

I asked I why.
I told I,


Recipe for instant freedom:
1. Start where you are.
2. Don't pick up a thought.


You know how everything is made of matter?

Well matter is made of Joy.


Nature of Prayer:
He who imagines his God far away, makes pleas.
He who imagines his God close, commands.
He who sees no distance to God, gives thanks.


Worldly freedom can not be legislated.
It can only be recognized in an environment that allows it to breathe.


Love and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time.
So, which are you?


Leaves don't require your approval to dance on the trees.
That is why they are so darn beautiful.


Love does not wane becasue it has no cause.
Love does not hide because it sees no other.


All suffering is created and experienced in the Mind.
Do not look for peace where the suffering is.


If you seek, you must not know.
If you know, you must not seek.


The Mind must enslave something
before it can seek to free it.


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