We tried to start The Platters Game in 2010 by giving away a free painting on facebook.  It said 'FREE' on it, but nobody claimed it.  Maybe nobody understood it. 

We tried again a year later with a $1 painting... sold immediately.  Game on.

We made #2.

Named after the vinyl record used to make the circle, the Platters Game is a simple experiment -- a linear experiment -- a life long experiment.  Platter 1 sold for $1.  Platter 2 sold for $2.  Platter 3 sold for $3.  How high does it go?   I don't know. 

The Platters game is an analysis of the state of art, from investors to investing,  market to marketing,  aesthetic to desirability.  We broke the entire art world down, and in putting it back together, the Platters Game arose first.  It is the phoenix.  It is the most simple.

It theoretically should be a self propagating thing.  People with the earlier pieces, and a vested interest in watching their properties rise in value, market the game to their friends.    Every time a property is sold, the previous properties raise $1.  It's an experiment, so there is no real goal save to participate and watch what happens.  Love.

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