Master News (cont.)

This shows above-the-fold architectureslightly designed.   Notice the presence of new advertising model, infinite modules,  and floating persistant navigation, which was not being donein 2008-9.

This is a highly versitile and desirable asset, which is starting to make a strong presence in 2011.    A couple of explorations are below.  Movements are made forward and bacward in 3D space and avoid bulky page loads while increasing consumption and click-through among snacking users.

I talked about Master Photos in a previous post.  This is a couple of low rent explorations that addressed unfolding menus and advertising.

I talked about Master Comments in a previous post.  Here is the Mini Module that can appear attached to any linkable entity.  It is designed to offer a immediate, enticing peek into the emotional response to any entity, while offering the ability to fully engage.  This was one of my favorite, and what I saw as most powerful, global tools that appeared to me during my Master exercises.

Here a small menu pops up when "Entertainment" is clicked.  It is a small, flexible, full width menu that pops up immediately, while still being monitized.  Addressing "snacking" news behaviors, it is meant to offer quick, monitized content without a full page load.

...a different look as quick, expanded content.

These are awesome.  Small, product advertising that can be attached to any to any linkable object.  They specifically address neural and impression based behaviors.  Thusly, they would be publicly embraced more readily if used on click instead of on rollover.