News Master

Below is the visual result of a four year exploration into the best way to surface news via the web.  The literal cornerstone of this body of work is the TV of the Future,  which I developed in 2006... everything begins with this model.  In 2008-9 the challenge was to offer Now, what won't be available until later.  The result I call Automated Curation... a module-based retention and surfacing of editorial information in an automated system. ( ... corporate horeshit for News, curated by human editors, in a system that prevents them from screwing things up.)

First consideration -- there are four ways to consume news -- read on web, read on paper, listen and watch. At the time, AOL only addressed one of the four ways to consume news... read on web.  It's a completely function-based architecture, considering human behavior, business motives and maximized efficiencies.  New advertising paradigms were created to support the new architecture.

Implemented now (03/09), the model below would offer the path of least resistance to what is seen in the TV of the Future... a model the world is moving to, albeit slowly.   Implementing this model now will significantly serve globally define this movement.